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Amazighrose Handmade Rosemary Oil, 100% Organic

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This oil is made from 100% pure organic rosemary oil and is perfect for hair, body and face. With the oil you can create your own hair oil, hair & body products or use the product itself.

AmazighRose sources the rosemary according to the Berber tradition in Kelaat des Magouna.

what you will get:

1: 100 ML 100% Organic rosemary oil, no parfum or any additions added.

How to Use:

- Massage directly in to skin or scalp.
- Mix 1-5% up to 100% in hair & skin products

The scent of this oil is Rosemary without any additions, please keep in mind that this is an organic product. The scent has no parfum in it or any other fragrance than from the Rosemary itself