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Amazighrose Organic Oil Beauty Gift Basket

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Step into a world of organic beauty with our Amazighrose Organic Beauty Gift Set. Carefully crafted from natural ingredients, this collection brings the essence of Moroccan traditions to your skincare and haircare routine. Elevate your self-care moments with the gentle touch of authentic, 100% natural beauty products.

What's Inside:
1. Amazighrose Rosewater Mist - 100 ml: Pamper your skin with our organic Rosewater Mist. Ideal as a facial tonic or cleanser, this mist captures the pure scent of roses. Enjoy 100 ml of goodness in a reusable mist spray bottle.

2. Amazighrose Berber Coffee Oil - 50 ml: Embrace the earthy aroma of our Berber Coffee Oil. Perfect for your hair or as a facial moisturizer, this organic oil adds a touch of luxury to your beauty routine. Get 50 ml in a reusable bottle.

3. Amazighrose Organic Rosemary Oil - 100 ml: Discover the power of pure organic Rosemary Oil, sourced from Berber traditions. Versatile for hair, body, and face, this oil allows you to create your beauty blends. Enjoy 100 ml of natural goodness.

4. Amazighrose Berber Argan Oil - 100 ml: Nourish your hair and skin with our Moroccan Pure Argan Oil. Whether for your hair or as a facial moisturizer, this organic oil can be used versatile in your beauty routine. Receive 100 ml in a reusable bottle.

5. Amazighrose Distilled Rose Oil - 50 ml: Indulge in our 100% natural Damask Oil, light and perfect for face, body, and hair. Infused with natural vitamins E and A, this oil is free from added scents.

6. Amazighrose Aker Fassi – 5 gr: Natural Red and Cosmetic Dye: Dive into the rich tradition of Aker Fassi, a powder made from poppy and pomegranate peel. Versatile for lips, hair, or DIY beauty treatments, a little goes a long way.

7. Amazighrose Nila Powder: Experience the benefits of Nila Powder, a natural alternative for your skin and hair care. Use it as a facial mask, gentle exfoliant, or as part of your hair care routine. Embrace natural beauty with this eco-friendly powder.

8. Handwoven Basket: All these Moroccan treasures come neatly arranged in a handwoven basket, adding an authentic touch to your gift. Reusable and versatile, the basket is a keepsake in itself.

9. Personalized Card in Berber Font: Make it personal with a card featuring your special loved one’s name in Our Berber font. A unique expression.