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Amazighrose Organic Rose garden blend

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Discover Amazighrose Organic Rose Garden Tea Blend.

Amazighrose Organic Tea With Rose & Jasmine and a hint of vanilla is not just a beverage; it stands for hospitality and is often served in multiple rounds, each with its unique flavour profile.


  1. Organic Black Tea Leaves: Our blend starts with high-quality organic black tea leaves, offering a robust and full-bodied flavour profile, creating a solid foundation for this unique tea experience.
  2. Black Rose Tea: Infused with the essence of black roses, this tea adds a flowery and subtly sweet dimension to the blend, creating a delightful harmony with the black tea.
  3. Green Jasmine Tea: The addition of green jasmine tea brings a fragrant and floral character, complementing the blend with its delicate aroma.
  4. Rose Blossom: Delicate rose blossoms contribute a floral and aromatic flavour, adding a touch of elegance to the tea.
  5. Hint of Vanilla: A subtle hint of Organic vanilla ties all the elements together

Weight: 20 - 50 grams