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Amazighrose Basket-Hammam/Fragrance

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Discover Amazighrose Berber-Moroccan basket is handwoven from palm leaves and filled with a selection of Moroccan-made organic beauty and fragrance products from Kelaat Magouna. A great choice for both gifting and personal use. This unique basket is crafted with care and is entirely organic.

What's Included:

  • Handmade Berber-Moroccan palm leaf basket.
  • 100g of organic Bakhoor.
  • Three Amber blocks originally from Marrakesh.
  • A handmade Berber Bakhoor/Amber burner made of clay.
  • Two pieces of Moroccan lipstick with rose powder (transforms to a pink color).
  • Handmade organic 200g Sabon Beldi enriched with Argan.
  • 75g of Moroccan Rose Soap made from Damascus Rose.
  • Organic Kohl with a handmade Kohl storage holder.
  • Organic Rose Oil from Kelaat Mgouna with Rose Powder.
  • Organic rosewater from Kelaat Mgouna (distilled).
  • Moroccan scrub washcloth (ideal for use with the Sabon Beldi).
  • A Moroccan storage jar.
    Discover the beauty of Morocco with Amazighrose Hammam/Fragrance basket!