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Amazighrose Berber Carafe-Set

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Experience the craftsmanship of our handmade traditional Berber clay carafe, complemented by hand-carved terracotta cups. Enjoy the pure essence of freshness as it transforms your water into a cool, refreshing beverage.

Thanks to its natural filtering properties, the water stays cool and irresistibly soothing. This natural cooling effect is the result of the gentle evaporation of water through the porous texture of the carafe and cups.

This traditional Berber set is crafted from organic clay and entirely hand-sculpted by artisans in Skoura. The set is not only suitable for storing hot and cold beverages but also serves as a delightful decorative item in your home, or kitchen, or as an eye-catching centerpiece in your garden. A truly unique gift for yourself or someone you want to delight.

Product Information:

  • Handmade Berber carafe H 30 cm W 20 cm
  • Handmade Berber glasses H 9 cm W 9 cm D 9 cm
  • Made with Anatolian Cappadocia clay. Completely natural and safe, contains no toxins or lead, and is 100% eco-friendly and vegan.


Regarding the handmade items, each item is unique. Keep in mind that this piece is handmade and handpainted and therefore may have imperfections or irregularities. Don't see this as a defect but rather as an addition to the beauty and originality of the item.