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Original Amber blocks blend of 8 strong original Scent from Marrakesh

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Amber blocks

Discover our handmade original Amber blocks from Marrakesh.

The white block is the Amber Musk,
The brown block is the Amber Sandalwood,
The black block is the amber-black Oud
The pink block is our Amber rose.
The pink is our amber-pink blossom.
The light white is our Amber Linnen.
The yellow is our Amber orange blossom.
The light black is our Amber Black Intense

All our blocks are packed as a gift.

Our blocks are incredibly potent and naturally handcrafted, evident in their intense scents that can effortlessly fill any desired room or space. Place the Amber block in the intended area, and let its fragrance enchant your surroundings.

The feedback we consistently receive from our customers at markets, when we ask how they discovered us, is that they followed the scent.

These Amber blocks can be used in an oil burner, with candles, or in any space where you desire a delightful fragrance, all at an affordable price.

Please refrain from using these blocks in your car, as they may melt. If you're using them in a warm, enclosed environment, ensure the Amber is placed on or in something to protect the area from any potential residue.

If you're uncertain, consider exploring our oil fragrance burner bottles, which are suitable for any setting and emitting a wonderful scent without needing to open the bottle.