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Amazighrose Moroccan Mint Tea

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Discover Amazighrose Moroccan Organic Tea Blend.

Amazighrose Benaanaa tea is not just a beverage; it stands for hospitality and is often served in multiple rounds, each with its unique flavor profile. Whether enjoyed on a warm afternoon or during a social gathering, Amazighrose Benaanaa tea brings you a delightful and cultural experience.


  1. Green Tea Leaves: The base of Amazighrose Benaanaa tea is organic green tea leaves of gunpowder variety. This type of green tea is rolled into small, round pellets that unfurl during brewing, releasing a robust and slightly smoky flavor.
  2. Spearmint Leaves: The star of the show, spearmint leaves, bring a cool and minty freshness to the tea. The aroma is refreshing, and the flavor is both mild and uplifting. The spearmint used in Amazighrose Benaanaa tea is locally sourced and organic, adding a unique twist to the blend.

Weight: 20 - 50 grams