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Amazighrose handmade large Glass Teapot with golden or Silver details

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Discover our Amazighrose Moroccan Teapo – a celebration of craftsmanship and tradition that brings the enchanting beauty of Morocco to your tea rituals. This set features a unique teapot made of glass with golden or silver details, the teapot can contain 1,5 liters, heat resistant.

Comes in two variants:

- Golden details Teapot made of glass and Heat Resistant 25*25 cm
- Silver details Teapot made of glass and Heat Resistant 25*25 cm

Both Teapots come with our Amazighrose organic Atay Benanaa as a complimentary gift. This Tea is based on the original traditional Morrocan tea recipe. What sets our blend apart is its authentic flavor profile - unlike other Moroccan teas, Ataay Benaanaa doesn't require any additional mint.


Regarding the handmade items, each item is unique. Keep in mind that this piece is handmade and handpainted and therefore may have imperfections or irregularities. Don't see this as a defect but rather as an addition to the beauty and originality of the item.