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Amazighrose Organic 1001 Night Tea blend

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Introducing Amazighrose Organic 1001 Night Tea Blend, a harmonious fusion of Green Jasmine tea, green tea, black tea, osmanthus blossom, rose blossom, and marigold blossom.

Whether savoured on an afternoon or shared during social gatherings, Amazighrose Organic Tea With Rose and jasmine and a hint of vanilla promises a cultural and delightful experience.


  1. Green Jasmine Tea: Fragrant and delicate, infused with the essence of jasmine flowers.
  2. Green Tea: Classic, mild flavor with a vibrant and revitalizing experience.
  3. Black Tea: Robust and full-bodied, adding depth to the blend.
  4. Osmanthus Blossom: a sweet, fruity aroma with a subtle floral note.
  5. Rose Blossom: Fragrant and visually appealing, adding a romantic and subtly sweet aroma.
  6. Marigold Blossom: Contributes a golden hue and a mild, earthy flavor to complement the blend.

Weight: 20 - 50 grams