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Amazighrose Organic Hammam Lavender Tea

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Amazighrose Hammam Lavender Tea - Moroccan Spa-Inspired Blend:

Transport yourself to the serene ambiance of a Moroccan hammam with every sip of our Hammam Lavender Tea. This carefully crafted blend combines premium ingredients to recreate the calming and rejuvenating experience of a traditional spa, right in the comfort of your teacup.


1. Green Tea: Our base is a high-quality green tea known for its subtle and refreshing taste, providing the perfect foundation for the harmonious infusion of flavours.
2. Eucalyptus: Refreshing and invigorating, eucalyptus lends a cool and minty note, reminiscent of the rejuvenating atmosphere of a spa.
3. Juniper: The addition of juniper brings a unique and slightly woody flavor, adding depth to the blend and evoking the aromatic essence of Moroccan hammams.
4. Lavender: Delicate and floral lavender blossoms contribute a soothing and aromatic quality, transforming each sip into a moment of relaxation.

Weight: 20 - 50 grams