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Amazighrose Organic Hibiscus Mint Tea

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Introducing Amazighrose Organic Hibiscus tea blend, a delightful fusion of Green tea, spearmint, and hibiscus. Elevate your tea experience with this refreshing and invigorating blend that harmonizes the vibrant notes of green tea with the cool minty-ness of spearmint and the tart sweetness of hibiscus.


1. Green Tea: Our base is a carefully selected green tea, known for its fresh and nuanced flavour profile. Sourced with precision, it forms the heart of this blend, providing a refreshing and energizing foundation.
2. Spearmint: Fresh and cool, spearmint leaves lend a crisp and invigorating note, creating a delightful balance that awakens the palate.
3. Hibiscus: The addition of hibiscus petals introduces a burst of colour and a touch of tartness, adding a layer of complexity to the blend and leaving a lingering, refreshing aftertaste.

Weight: 20 - 50 grams